Executive Coaching

Why should I work with a coach?

In today’s world, demands on senior executives increases continually. Bringing in coaching in your organization is guaranteed to increase engagement. Some of the things the coaching methodology helps with is motivation, handling conflicts, setting clear goals and foster team spirit.

If you look at people at the top of any field, be it sports or business, one thing that they all have in common is this: At some point, they have worked with a coach.

The best, fastest and most reliable way of improving your life is working one-to-one with a coach. Name a one sports hero at the top of his game who doesn’t have a coach. Well? Of course, that situation just doesn’t exist. Why should it be any different in business?

The more senior your role is the lonelier it can be. It can be difficult to bounce ideas with your team due to politics and who is next in line for a promotion. To have someone outside of the organisation to share ideas, opportunities, challenges and fears with is extremely valuable.

We can work 1-1 in coaching your leaders or conduct workshops in "coaching leadership".

Chikara Consulting works with a network of coaches. The head coach is Oskar Andermo, certified under ICC, one of the largest coaching organisations. He is also a Certified Mental Trainer practitioner and an entrepreneur.

We are based in Dubai and our coaching clients are located primarily in the UAE. We also offer coaching globally over Skype.

Contact us at info@chikara-consulting.com if you are interested in executive and business coaching.