Mental training for peak performance

To perform at the highest level you need to be mentally strong.

If you want to be the best in your field, mental skills like self-confidence, the ability to deal with set backs, how to handle emotions and deal with stress is crucial.

Did you know that this can be trained?

Mental training was originally developed for elite athletes. For example, a tennis player can have a good day and a bad day even though he has trained equally physically hard. There is a mental aspect of the game. Mental training is based on research by professor Lars-Eric Uneståhl. In the 70s he worked with most of the national teams in Sweden with the inner game. The strategies, techniques and tools to perform at your best in sport can be directly applied to business. Oskar has been working with mental training since 2011 and is certified directly under Lars-Eric Uneståhl. Contact us to learn more about coaching combined with mental training:

Interview with the founder of mental training:

Systematic mental training

With mental training, you will be working on improving your self-image, goal achievement, attitudes and emotions. After the systematic training, you will function and feel better.
Here are some FAQ:

1What is mental training?
Mental training is a way to train mental processes like thoughts, feelings and images. It is a systematic training that is backed by research. After going through MT you can expect to function and feel better in all areas of your life.
2What is the difference between mindfulness and mental training?
Both work with mental processes but in slightly different ways. The goal for mental training is to function and feel better. Self image (self confidence and self esteem), attitudes, emotions and goal images will all be trained over a period of time. Mindfulness is about being more in the now and letting go of past and future which helps in stress reduction. Both are very powerful tools and can be used together.
3Mental training for business?
Even though originally developed for sport, mental training works perfect for the stressed executive and manager. The systematic training will improve how you communicate with others, how you deal with stress and help you achieve your personal and the organisations goals.
4Why mental training?
For actual change and improving how you perform you need to work on a deeper level than just the conscious. With mental training we work with your subconscious mind and you will notice a gradual improvement that will stay for the rest of your life.