Speaking engagements for groups in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. 

We work with a network of professional speakers in Dubai to fit our clients’ needs. Here is a sample of talks currently being offered:.

Dubai – from a small fishing village to a world hub!

What is Dubai´s history? How could it grow so fast in such a short time?

The fascinating story of how this city sprung from the desert and became known all over the world.

We will go through its past, present and future.

(1hour, 3000 AED).

Identify your goals under the stars in the Dubai desert!

Dubai has turned seemingly impossible visions into reality. Now it is time for you and your team to do the same!

This workshop is conducted in the Dubai desert. The delegates will get the chance to reflect on their lives and identify compelling goals for the future.

More information here: desert seminar

(3 pm – 9 pm, whole afternoon will be spent in the desert, 10000 AED + desert safari that includes dinner)

Train your brain

Fact: Long-term negative stress will lead to health problems!

Many times we cannot control the external environment. What is left to do is work on the internal one.

All of us know the importance of physical training but what about training your brain?

In this seminar your delegates will learn different ways of training mentally. Becoming mentally strong will improve all areas of their lives.

(1 hour, 4000 AED).

Smartphone coaching – turn your phone into your personal coach!

This is an introduction to the smartphone coaching system. The strategies to live a good life are already there. What we need is not new or more strategies, but s a way to implement these strategies into our daily lives. Our smartphones are now powerful computers that we all carry with us in our pockets. This hour will show you how to turn your phone into your personal coach with you 24/7!

(1 hour 4000 AED)

From overwhelmed to productive in a digital world.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the demands? Hundreds of emails, constant interruptions and the unrelenting need to produce and stay competitive!

This presentation will teach you how to survive and execute tasks efficiently in a digitally dependent world. Your delegates will leave this workshop feeling a huge sense of relief, as they will have gained the latest tools and tricks to produce without the feeling of overwhelmed.

(1,5 hour, 4500 AED)


Oskar Andermo has been speaking professionally since 2010.

He is an entrepreneur who has lived in Dubai since 2007. Originally from Swede, Oskar has lived all over the world, either studying or working in the hospitality business. In addition to being the Regional Vice President for HelmsBriscoe Middle East, he also runs several websites, speaks professionally, and is both a business coach and author of the book “The Smartphone Coaching System”. Oskar is a regular contributor to iPhone life magazine covering ways to improve your life with the help of technology. He is a certified coach under ICC and a certified Mental Trainer practitioner.



Are you managing your online reputation? You better be!

Today the Internet and the online arena are where many of us spend up to 80% of our day. We are great consumers of content and some of us even create content. But are you in control of your digital footprint?

This 2-hour workshop will help you understand what brand YOU are, and whether or not you are in control of brand YOU. We will cover your own personal brand and how it feeds into the brand or company you work for, either as a business owner or as an employee.

We will discuss the importance for your future of your digital footprint in today’s world. Then we’ll undertake some simple tasks to start getting your online reputation under control so you can build on brand YOU for the future.



This session will be given by Barry Lee Cummings. His professional speaking career started in 2010 and has grown into regular appearances at events such as the Global Youth Forum, DIGICONF, the Digital Marketing Institute. He is also a frequent contributor on radio and in print.

He is a digital strategist who helps businesses and people understand the Internet in order to use it more effectively. He set up his own digital marketing strategy consultancy in 2009 to help educate companies in the Middle East on the digital marketing jigsaw and how to get the right pieces in the right place for their companies.

He has also launched the Beat the Cyberbully campaign in the Middle East. This campaign focuses on increasing education, awareness levels on positive uses of the internet, and taking control of your online reputation so as to prevent cyberbullying. Connect with him below or just Google Barry Lee Cummings.