Hospitality training

”The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.” Says the fairly successful entrepreneur Richard Branson.

There are many training companies out there offering sales training. What is unique about us is that we have experience working in hospitality sales, being a client and trainer. Our products are developed based on problems we have seen in the market.

Investing in your people is a must for success. Below are some of the training we offer that are specialised for sales in the hospitality industry:

Basic sales training

Sales people without proper training is like a carpenter without a hammer. Unless you have the correct tools how can you do your work? We will work with your junior sales people and go through the basics that all sales people should know but most don’t. How to build rapport, illicit needs with the correct questions, present with confidence, close and build relationships that lasts.

3 days

Learning outcomes:

  • Question techniques to build rapport and illicit needs
  • Features vs. Benefits and clear USP compare to your competition
  • How to close with confidence
  • How to build long term relationships

Site inspections that stands out

One key task for a hotel sales person is to conduct site inspections with clients. This presents an excellent opportunity to showcase and sell your property. However, most of the time this opportunity is lost.

I have personally attended and conducted 100s of site inspections all over the world. Unfortunately the majority of these have been very bad. The person conducting the site inspection says exactly the same thing that he has said so many times before. He sounds more like a robot than an engaging sales person.

How many of these site inspections are delivered with maximum impact designed to present the hotel’s competitive advantages, or simply a carbon copy of the previous inspection? A corporate client has very different needs than a MICE client or a wholesaler. Yet, most of the time the site inspection is done in the same exact way.

When a client visits your hotel, it is an excellent opportunity to build relationship, to create a memorable, unforgettable experience for them and importantly, close the deal immediately.

Clients generally make at least 3-4 site visits before making a buying decision. With this unique 1-day training your hotel will have a huge competitive advantage against other hotels.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to conduct a site inspection that builds trust long-term relationship and sells
  • How to deliver stories that create positive emotions and create a memorable experience
  • The different customer avatars for your property and how to adapt to their needs

Sales coaching

We will work 1-1 with your sales leaders to look at the sales process, the team and how it can be improved. If your sales team is underperforming compared to your comp set this will be the best investment you can do. Your sales leader will be better equipped to motivate the team and build a corporate culture that long term will leave your competition miles behind.

A 360-degree performance review will be performed to analyze the current situation.