TUGS - The Ultimate Goal Seminar

40 % of today's US Fortune 500 may not exists 10 years from now.

Will that be you?

Disruptive technologies are changing whole industries!

What will AI, robots, virtual reality, autonomous cars, internet of things, 3d printers etc mean for your industry? What can you do to stay ahead of the competition? In TUGS your team get the chance to look ahead. What will happen in your industry in the next 3-5 years? The group will together brainstorm what disruptive technologies will mean for you. The brainstorming is done with the help of nature. We move the conference room out to unique environments around the world. We get inspired and creative with the help of nature. Great ideas tend not to come while sitting in front of a computer in the office. All the great thinkers testify to the power of nature. In today's connected world it can be argued that it is more important than ever. We will work on your 1-year goals, 3-5 year goals and your long term vision and mission. TUGS is the perfect combination of teambuilding and business focus.